Tanie mieszkanie od dewelopera Sierra Park - dom Gdynia - Wejherowo
Tanie mieszkania deweloperskie - luksusowe apartamenty - mieszkania Trójmiasto


The entrance to the protected area is the gate of Sierra Golf Club. The area is guarded 24 hours a day.

mieszkania deweloperskie - dom z ogrodem - dom Wejherowo - dom nad morzem

Beautiful surroundings

There is no other location near Wejherowo that is as beautiful as Sierra Park – the apartments are settled in the middle of the green fields and forests, but still located very close to the town centre (3km).

mieszkania od dewelopera - pole golfowe - inwestowanie w nieruchomości

Housing development that is gaining value

Housing development offered by Sierra Park is located on the area of the Sierra Golf Club course, which is one of the most beautiful places in Poland or even Europe. In close neighborhood there can be found the outstanding forests – a part of the Tricity Landscape Park. According to the market research conducted around the world, real estate situated near the golf course is bound to increase in value systematically.

mieszkania na sprzedaż Wejherowo - Reda - Trójmiasto - dom z ogrodem i widokiem na pole golfowe